Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 130: 145 lbs - I committed ze Carbicide.

Carbicide.What a nicht-nicht. Since I moved, I had an entire week of muffin eating, burger bun narching, and I'm still hungry!

As we all know, I'm addicted to Starbucks. I was determined to stop my vicious carb bender when I pulled up for my daily afternoon dose of Venti sugar-free hazelnut coffee when...FREE PASTRIES were offered with every drink purchase. NEIN! Oder, ja okay un bisschen. I took ze little carrot muffin with stuffs on top and ate it. So what?

So what? I plopped my feet on my new $60 Bed Bath & Beyond body fat scale and I have gained 5 lbs!

So today, I had a banana and a clementine. That's all the carbs for today. The rest.. will be dark greens and meaty things.

Why God? Why? WHY 5 lbs? I almost broke through to the 130's and now... I have to go back to the gym for the 4x this week and lunge away my poor decisions.

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