Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 131: #Waystopissoffafatperson

This morning, I awakened to a delightful trend on Twitter, #waystopissoffafatperson. Naturally, I used this opportunity to cite #32 ways to piss off a fat person, one for every pound I have lost since I started this journey in November.

Today, my weigh-in came up as +6 lbs since my lowest weigh-in. I'm not letting that deter my ambition because:

Yesterday's Stats:

10 min Rowing machine
PACE Performance Active Warm-up
Cable cross, cable pulls, abs galore
Suicide sprints
Crab walks

AND, I had cut out carbs...but had some salty food. I'm retaining water... a lot of it. So today, I'm chugging as much water as possible and going back to the gym in a few hours to work out with Lenny.

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  1. I saw that trending on twitter yesterday too! When I first saw it my mouth dropped to the floor.