Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 146: 138

I did a double take on the scale this morning. After about six consecutive weigh-in's I saw 138.

So not only have I broken through my plateau, but now it's as if my weight loss is Full-On, triple rainbow awesomeness action.
Yes! I'm excited. It hasn't been easy. Waking up at 7 a.m. and doing Kipping Pull-Ups with Lenny is not normal. In fact, it's hardcore badass athleticism, coming from a girl who was less than five months ago, pushing obese, exhausted, and miserable.

For my entire life, I wanted to be an actress. Not just an actress, but a sci-fi chick. I wanted to be a Milla Jovovich or like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. I've just always been so far from actually being there physically.

I will be there. I can assure you. At the rate I'm training now, it's almost comparable to the celebrity 'bouncing back after pregnancy.' That's exactly how I feel. I feel like I've been carrying around this inner child that didn't want to grow up. I had doubted myself. I never actually gave that 110% it takes to earn that body. It's utterly insane to believe that anyone can just 'naturally' look that badass. No, these women train hard and eat clean to become movie-ready. This is why they get paid millions for their hard work!

I'm only 13 lbs away from my goal now. The day I hit that number on the scale, I'll feel like a superstar myself. I already do,

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