Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 141: Plateau: Meet your demise.

Wow, am I feeling yesterday's workout.

My trainer Lenny, had recently bought some diet system from GNC called Total Lean. Every day for a week, I watched him weigh-in. While I had been gaining, he had been losing, substantially. It was as if the fat had melted off his belly and well, wherever he had it on him (not much, since he's ridiculously fit). In only a few short weeks, he went from 195 lbs to 170 lbs. When I saw the weigh-in yesterday, my jaw dropped. I mean every day I saw him, he was leaner than ever!

So, I asked about the system he bought. It was one of those diet shake systems, which I had never tired before. Yesterday, I ditched out of class and went to GNC to get the system. I needed another day off from that class because it literally pains me to be there. Why? Oh, why, is it that my 'spring break' isn't until a week before the semester ends? I have so much work to do that my mind is utterly fried from writing all of these papers. I feel bad for our professors who have to grade them all!

So at GNC, I was advised to do the 7 day Fast Loss Kit, and then the 14 day Transformation. I know people are quick to bash cleanses and systems like this but I am an eye witness to someone who lost the most impossible fat to lose on the body during this program and FAST!

I mean look at me, I'm dribbling water all over mhy 'beater!

Between this and our PACE Performance modified Crossfit workouts...I might end up looking as sexy as that eastern Euro chick! Haha, well... I wish!

CW: 144
GW: 125

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  1. I must say, it's hard drinking this whole shake... I'm going to have to get used to this.