Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 144: Day 4 GNC Total Lean

Ride the snake by mario0318

I remember watching SNL reruns in high school on Comedy Central around 5 in the morning. It was the only thing that was on. Every other channel was just marketing or 'off the air'. Yes, Jim Carey used to be on SNL and was amazing. I remember screaming 'Ride the snake!' to my friends in the locker lined hallways of West Babylon. Oh, beloved Ephedra. Those were the days. I wore a size 2 prom dress I bought from Delia's and weighed somewhere around 117 lbs at one point. Those were the mornings when I'd wake up at 6, do an entire Power 90 routine, take Ephedra by 7 (it used to be legal, you know), and then jump in an older degenerate friend's car for a ride to class.

Those days didn't last long. I hadn't really been a fan of drinking until I was about 18. That's when my weight skyrocketed from that size 2 dress to size 14 Caffeine pants. RAVE DAYS. Yes, this hasn't been my first battle to drop from a size fourteen to skinny. This is my third.

Truth of the matter is, weight isn't a hill to conquer, it's a chain of mountains. It's not K2, it's the entire Himalayans. The most foolish thing you can do is believe that once you get there, the road stops and it's lean heaven. In the great words of Jim Carey, you must continue to 'Ride the snake.'

I'll weigh-in shortly...

In Living Color - Workout - Jim Carrey by harrison73

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